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Fine Designed Interiors
Design Process



After our initial phone call, the consultation is an in-person meeting at your project site. This consultation can be a onetime meeting or expound into a full-service design project.  



Hourly Rate for Services

Fine Designed Interiors charges an hourly rate of $150 per hour for consultation fees.  It is used for design assessment, design advise, direction assurance, or peace of mind to make sure you are on the right track with all the design details.  At that point you have a choice to complete your project armed with the best design plan and advise for DIY or take the worry and stress of your plate and hire Fine Designed Interiors for Full Design Services to handle the entire project from finish to completion.





Full Design Service

Whether you need a Residential or Commercial space renovation, Kitchen Design, Bath Design, or Whole house renovation, Fine Designed Interiors is there for you! 

For each project a contract is implemented that outlines the scope of work to be completed and retainer costs.  Commencement of work begins once you approve and move forward with a retainer contract. The contract/Letter of Agreement states what is to be completed in the scope of work, areas of work, purchasing structure, retainer costs, and important information on working together.

Fine Designed Interiors Mood Board
Fine Designed Interiors Mood Board
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Fine Designed Interiors
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Fine Designed Interiors

Fine Designed Interiors Design Process

Full Design Service.

This is an overall project flow detailing how decisions and design work cohesively work together throughout the project.  

​1.  Preliminary Initial Meeting/Programming 

Defining goals, Researching & Development, Site Analysis, Client Questionnaire

This is an in-person consultation at the site to evaluate your style, needs, wants, time frame and overall budget. This phase is about getting to know you, your lifestyle and space.


2.  Concept Design (CD) Schematic (SD)

Refining Goals & Exploring Solutions

Preliminary Planning diagrams, and preliminary finishes/materials with 2-3 design directions depending upon the scope of the project. Material lifestyle, Assessment and sustainability matrix if applicable.


3.  Design Development (DD)

Refining Solutions and Developing Details

The design direction has been refined, solidified and is being finalized. Room layouts, materials, interior finishes, wall coverings, color selections, cabinetry millwork, furnishings, lighting, accessories, and preliminary pricing is completed.

You can expect two potential meetings in this phase to finalize design, preliminary space planning, floor plan, elevations, and furnishings.

The first three phases are where the majority of the design fees are spent. Most of the work spent is incurred in the beginning.

4.  Construction Documents (CD)

Completion of CAD drawings for construction

After client approval of designs.  Detailed construction documents communicate to all trades, contractors, and vendors on the finalized design details. These specify the entire design, specifications, locations, and layouts of elements such as cabinetry, millwork, appliances, plumbing fixtures, lighting, countertop and tile materials, furniture and floor plans with details needed to execute the design.  Final pricing is put into proposals and purchased upon your approval.


5.  Contract Administration (CA)

Installation & Project Management

Approved materials, products, fixtures are ordered, shipped, received, and installed. Scheduled deliveries are arranged to the jobsite from our trusted vendors. Designers walk through during key installations for verification of implemented design details according to contract documents.


6.  Post Occupancy Review & Photo Shoot

Once the work is complete, all parties do a final walk through to assure everything is perfect. Next, is a scheduled photography day of your beautiful and functional completed project.

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